The 1999 revival of the series ZOOM was never released on Home Media, but a few special VHS tapes "The Making Of..." and "Party With..." and by the second half of 2007 had been taken off the air completely, and has not returned since.

Eventually, a number of individual segments were released onto YouTube by various users, and in 2011, about half of season 2 was as well by user ZOOMerTube.


A possible unaired segment featuring Kenny and involving a mirror-instrument

As of the summer of 2015, all episodes from seasons 2-7 and 11 episodes of season 1 have been found, uploaded onto YouTube by user ZOOMFan1, who had gone to the lengths of recording them all twice while they were on the air. Unfortunately, by the time he started watching, season 1 would only be syndicated once more (in late 2002/early 2003), and 29 episodes that were originally a part of the season would be skipper over (one episode, 136, was accidentally taped over and is not a part of ZOOMFan1's collection). Although many individual segments from them were uploaded in circa 2010 by user KrisTheKnight, the episodes in their entirety are still at large. The episodes were respectively episodes 105 through 133 and 136.

Other small portions of the series are still at large.

  • Most of the credits sequences from season 6 featuring the ZOOMers (many of ZOOMFan1's recordings of season 6 are the WGBY versions of the credits)
  • "ZOOM Out The Vote!" promos aired from August-November 2004 to support the election (a few have been found and uploaded by ZOOMFan1)
  • POSSIBLE: "ZOOM Out The Vote!" promos aired during 2000 to support the election
  • Lost full episode stingers from certain season 3 episodes (A few of ZOOMFan1's season 3 episodes are local versions, which did not air the correct, original stingers for the episodes. A few of the missing ones appear to have simply be recycled stingers, but some, such as the extended round of Turkey Chase in 318, contain footage that remains at large.)
  • "Today on ZOOM" narration in episode 305 (video starts immediately after)
  • Syndicated intro for episode 301 (some later airings of episode 301 on local stations aired a regular intro for the episode instead of Kenny and Caroline welcoming the viewers back to the show. However, this was only used a few times before the episode's final airing on local stations, which preempted it for "ZOOM Out The Vote!")
  • POSSIBLE: Syndicated intro for "The Making of ZOOM" (because of the above, it is possible that later local airings of the episode "The Making of ZOOM" contained an intro; however, this is unlikely)
  • Caroline's reaction to eating the edible spiders in episode 301 (recording blacks out at that part)
  • Approximately 40 missing seconds of the "ZOOMGuest" segment in 236 (there was a glitch in ZOOMFan1's recording)
  • Various "ZOOM Into Action!" narrations for later seasons (there were two versions of "ZOOM Into Action!" aired from season 4 on; WGBY's version and the local one narrated by the ZOOMers. Most of the WGBY versions are part of ZOOMFan1's uploads, but some remain at large, as do most of the local versions with the ZOOMers)
  • "ZOOM Into Action!" for seasons 1 and 2 (In 2002, local versions of early seasons replaced the original "ZOOM a Cum Laude" segment of the first two seasons with "ZOOM Into Action!" segments similar to WGBY's versions of ZITA)
  • Lost stingers for episodes 201 and 240 of season 2 (despite the recordings of the episodes being from WGBY, the true stingers are not shown.)
  • POSSIBLE: Omitted footage from early episode airings (several episodes of the first two seasons run strangely undertime by around 30 seconds, and user KrisTheKnight's recording of the "Gelatin Molds" clip from season 1 ends differently from ZOOMFan1's, indicating the original airings contained additional footage)

In addition to this, many segments that were filmed for the show remain unaired. Some, if not all of them, are available on the website. In addition to this, what appears to be a teaser of one appears at the end of episode 233 at the 26:52 mark.

As of June 2017, wiki user Lukesams has all 41 episodes of season 1 (including all the missing episodes from that season), as well as the original airings of the available episodes from the first two seasons before the edits. Currently he is busy, but will hopefully upload them to YouTube sometime in 2018.

As of October 2017, YouTube user Dylan Herrera uploaded many segments from "The Making of Zoom" and "Party with Zoom" to YouTube, although these tapes in their entirety are still at large.

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