Zoids: Genesis was the fourth and ultimately final anime series based on Zoids, the model kit line by Takara-Tomy. It follows the story of Ruuji Familon, a young boy living in a village who finds a Zoid hidden deep under the sea. Unlike the other three Zoids anime series, Genesis was widely believed to have never been dubbed to English. The very likely reason for this was due to Zoids having a major decline in popularity outside of Japan around this time following the commercial failure of the previous series, Fuzors. Another reason could be that it had nothing to do with the other series.

However, an English dub by Viz Media was planned. A trailer for it exists and can still be viewed on YouTube. This dub was to be broadcast on Toonami's internet streaming service, Toonami Jetstream, but never came to be. Despite this, several people claim to have viewed the full dub, and the sites AnimeNewsNetwork and Watchcartoononline both list the dub, with the former even showing a cast list.

The only people who have claimed to watch the dub were people living in the Philippines and Singapore. Those who apparently saw it reported that it had been edited down somewhat for censorship, and some fast food chains even gave out Genesis toys. Despite these claims, there has yet to be a single clip of this dub ever uploaded to the internet, not counting the trailer. Viz Media Europe still holds the license for this dub and reportedly has the episodes archived. The show was even listed in their catalogue up until 2012.

Like most media of this nature, it is unknown if this dub will ever be released, although considering there has yet to be a single piece of Zoids media released outside of Japan in over ten years, it is unlikely.

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