Yo yo ebony

Ebony was female rapper Yo Yo's fifth album that was scheduled to be released on September 29, 1998, but it was shelved because the guest artists featured on the album were not properly contracted to work with an artist on East West Records.

Despite that, promotional copies of the album were printed before it was shelved.


  1. "Intro"
  2. "Countin' Money"
  3. "Do You Wanna Ride?" (featuring Kelly Price & Missy Elliott)
  4. "Iz It All Still Good?" (featuring Gerald Levert)
  5. "Get Up (And Do Your Thing)"
  6. "Never Gonna Fall Again "
  7. "Fantasy"
  8. "Let Me Be The One"
  9. "Good Girl"
  10. "I Would If I Could" (featuring Missy Elliott)
  11. "Pass It On" (featuring Big Chan, Nic-Nak, Shorty G & Lady T)

Yo Yo Ebony Full Unreleased Album43:19

Yo Yo Ebony Full Unreleased Album

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