Worms Battle Rally was a kart-based rally video game developed by Team 17. It was a spinoff of the artillery strategy series, Worms. It was meant to be released in 2004, but got cancelled in 2003.

Not much is known about the game. During an interview with Martyn Brown in issue 73 of Retro Gamer, he stated that Worms Battle Rally was part of a deal with an unknown publisher. However, the publisher didn't like the game, and via market research, Worms Forts: Under Siege was created instead. This game was also canned by the publisher, but was eventually published by Sega in 2004.

No copy of the game has resurfaced and only two screenshots of the game can be found online.


Issue 73 of Retro Gamer. Unseen 64 article. Screenshots of Worms Battle Rally.

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