Wojti2000 is a youtuber from Poland. HIs videos are usually met with mixed to positive opinions, because of their bizzareness. Some of them however got deleted or flagged.

  • Mój Przyjaciel Japończyk - made around fall 2014, flagged in 2016. Its title can be loosely translated as "My Friend, the Japanese". It was a disturbing video showcasing clips from guro hentai, disguised as a childrens video about tolerance. Wojti said while chatting with his viewers that he is ashamed of the fact that he used to be a racist towards the Japanese.
  • Short PLYTP - Kłamacz kradnie ciuchy and PLYTP - Przyjdę do twojego domu i prześlę ci wirusy  - made in 2015 or at the beggining of 2016. They were two YouTube Poops made using footage from polish internet safety website, and the foundation behind flagged the videos, making them disappear. Wojti tried to reupload them on his second channel, but something went wrong and he couldn't.
  • Jak zagadać do kobiety - it was a 1-second video in which one of the characters from says "HEEEY!" in a sexualized manner. Also flagged by the foundation.
  • Wojti's Megaman 2 Gameplay - the first ever video made by Wojti, it was taken down by the author itself due to its rather poor quality. One of the episodes, the first one, got reuploaded.

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