Wixx Club was a German Abridged Series which was Produced from End 2014 til the Beginning of 2016 .

It had a Hiatus between March 2015 til August 2015 .

In March 2016 the Videos were blocked by Rainbow S.R.L and their Channel was Deleted.

It was Popular in Germany.



Screencap of Socialgur still having Details



Screencap of a Polish Website still having the Video Details of Episode 2

Episode List

1 . Eine Schlampe kommt selten allein ( A Bitch Hazzard )

2 . ???

3. ???

4. ???

5. Gefangen im Rotlicht ( Trapped in the red light )

6. No Title Given

Channel Info

German :

Bloom aus Neu-Köln schafft es einfach nicht etwas aus ihrem Leben zu machen. Als sie eines Tages im Park anschaffen geht, trifft sie Stella, die, wie sie selbst sagt, geilste Schlampe aus dem All, die gerade von der Ordnungspolizei bedroht wird. Bloom endteckt unglaubliche Kräfte in sich und das Abenteuer beginnt...

English :  Bloom from New Cologne doesnt know how to make something of her live. When she goes to the park one day, she meets Stella, who, as she says herself, hottest bitch from outer space, which is being threatened by the regular police. Bloom discovers incredible powers in herself and the adventure begins ...

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