NBC Promo for Sept 22,197800:22

NBC Promo for Sept 22,1978

WHO'S WATCHING THE KIDS? opening credits NBC sitcom01:11

WHO'S WATCHING THE KIDS? opening credits NBC sitcom

The opening credits.

NBC Fall Schedule Promo 197828:18

NBC Fall Schedule Promo 1978

Who's Watching the Kids? footage begins at TBA.

After ABC had cancelled Blansky's Beauties, starring Nancy Walker as the den mother of a bevy of Las Vegas showgirls hoping for fame, NBC debuted a similar sitcom as part of their infamous fall 1978 lineup. Entitled Who's Watching the Kids?, this series followed two Vegas showgirls (Caren Kaye and Linda Goodfriend) as they shared their lives together, each having to deal with their younger siblings. 15 episodes were produced, but only 9 were ever shown before it, like many others from this era, was cancelled. Since then, minimal footage has cropped up,

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