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Wheel Of Fortune is another massive, long-running gameshow. The show debuted in 1975 with the original host, Chuck Woolery doing the daytime run and Pat Sajak doing the night. The show was highly successful and remains popular even to this day.

Woolery's run went from the show's debut all the way until 1981 when he departed and passed the show off to Pat Sajak. Woolery's run, as well as early Sajak daytime episodes,  was repeatedly taped over to create room for new episodes. Despite the huge amount of missing material, many of the episodes have surfaced via personal collections, episodes kept by the network for their "importance", and other various means of preservation. Many of the episodes are still held by the production company and can be purchased for $75. A large, yet not comprehensive list of Daytime episodes that are known to still exist can be found online.[1]

There are also missing puzzles that were omitted for various reasons. These reasons range from personal troubles to national tragedies. There were 2 puzzles deleted because of Hurricane Katrina, one because a hostess miscarried, and one more because of 9-11.


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