Weird-Oh's is a short-lived animated series about these wacky characters having these wacky adventures living in this town called "Weirdsville". The main characters are Digger, Eddie, and Portia. This show is based off the 1960's Weird-Oh's toys. The series only had 13 episodes (26 segments) and 3 VHS tapes, 1 DVD release and 1 unaired pilot. It debuted on Fox Kids in 1999 but got cancelled and brought back in 2000 on YTV in Canada in reruns. ADV Films in 2000 release the whole series (excluding unaired pilot) in 3 cassettes titled "Lights Camera Traction","Wheel Trouble", and "Traffic Jam". In 2005 YTV released the whole series onto DVD. Till this day all releases of this show are extremely rare to come by and due to limited production only 500 copies of each got sent into market b
Weird ohs 112905
ut only in Canada.


The only existence of the unaired pilot is this clip right here. 
Weird-Ohs (tank sequence)00:53

Weird-Ohs (tank sequence)

List of Episodes

The segments are:

  1. Diary of a Mad Sister (FOUND)
  2. Black-Eyed Babysitters (FOUND)
  3. Daddy Dismissed (COMPLETE)
  4. Rebel Without a Ride (FOUND)
  5. R.I.P. Off Wade (FOUND)
  6. Lights, Camera, Traction (FOUND)
  7. Gods and Monster Trucks (FOUND)
  8. Killer McB, I Set You Free (FOUND)
  9. Getting Over Davey (FOUND)
  10. Grand Theft Weird-Oh (FOUND)
  11. Headlocks for Homework (BETTER COPY FOUND)
  12. Turbocharged Theatrical Tragedy (FOUND)
  13. A Birthday Wish (FOUND)
  14. Pranks for the Memories (FOUND)
  15. Street Sense (FOUND)
  16. Not Without My Gator (FOUND)
  17. Family Fuel (FOUND)
  18. Y2 Chaos (FOUND PARTIAL)
  19. The Ever-Spending Story (FOUND)
  20. I Do? (FOUND)
  21. The Cycle of No Escape (FOUND)
  22. A Tale of Two Wades (FOUND)
  23. Legend of the Phantom Racer (FOUND)
  24. The Blue N' Marooned (FOUND)
  25. Head Gasket of the Class (FOUND)
  26. Traffic Jam Session (FOUND)


The cancellation of this show was due to ratings so bad the production company will never make a series like Weird-Oh's again. This could have been a great, anarchic animated TV show, but sadly it was eviscerated by network interference.


You can find volume 1 and 3 on amazon and the full length 1st episode on Vimeo but in bad quailty format and the segment "Gods and Monster Trucks on YouTube.

Weird Ohs - Headlocks for Homework (Bad Quality)12:01

Weird Ohs - Headlocks for Homework (Bad Quality)

"Headlocks for Homework".

Update 2/3/14: Several episodes, including "Headlocks For Homework", have been found!

Update: 6/22/2014: Episodes 8 and 16 have been found! Furthermore Russamation doesn't have the pilot episode due to his reply and animation reels have
Weird-Ohs! "Killer Mc B, I set you free" (Full Episode)10:16

Weird-Ohs! "Killer Mc B, I set you free" (Full Episode)

been found.


1 month ago  Unfortunately, I never had a full copy, only these shots. 
Animation Reel Dec 200204:32

Animation Reel Dec 2002

Weird-Ohs! "Not Without My Gator" (Full Episode)10:38

Weird-Ohs! "Not Without My Gator" (Full Episode)

Weird-Ohs (Hospital scene)00:58

Weird-Ohs (Hospital scene)


I would like everyone's support to finally have this series fully released. Weird ohs volume 1 costs $20,00

The 3rd volume costs $77.88

I would hope for support on buying these and to share them with the world so everyone can enjoy this short aired show. Update: 3/16/2015: Street Sense, Getting Over Davey, Grand Theft Weird-Oh and Rebel Without A Ride have been found! (These are watchable on YouTube)

Update: 5/20/15: Daddy Dismissed is now a complete episode! It's now watchable on YouTube.

Update: 8/20/15: Diary of a Mad Sister is now uploaded to YouTube! You can now watch it in a better quality.

Weird-Ohs! "Diary of a Mad Sister" (Full Episode)10:13

Weird-Ohs! "Diary of a Mad Sister" (Full Episode)

Weird-Ohs! "Head Gasket of the Class" (Full Episode)10:47

Weird-Ohs! "Head Gasket of the Class" (Full Episode)

Update: 10/25/15: Head Gasket of the Class has been found! It can now be watched on YouTube.

Update 3/6/16: I have several episodes I taped on VHS, and have converted the 3rd VHS Tape "Traffic Jam" so all episodes are available now. I have 16 episodes and a promo on my YouTube Weirdo-Oh's Channel here...

Just hope Mainframe and Fox don't have a problem with it. Hopefully they won't as they "are" lost media and not available.

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