We Wish You a Merry Walrus is a Christmas-themed television special based on massive-multiplayer online game Club Penguin. It features a multitude of new and old characters from the franchise, such as Roofhowse and Rockhopper, who go on a mission to save the Merry Walrus.

GANZE FOLGE Club Penguin Merry Walrus - im DISNEY CHANNEL22:11

GANZE FOLGE Club Penguin Merry Walrus - im DISNEY CHANNEL

An Deutschland dub is founded.

It was been aired on UK Disney Channel December 17, 2014 until is was gone along with the English dub, later it was been uploaded on YouTube by Disney Channel Deutschland in Dec 20, 2014 but there is no English voice it was later found on torrents but it had an error that it cannot be viewed.

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