WarioWare Inc-UnusedGame3a

Pong Game

WarioWare.Inc Mega Microgames was the first installment in the WarioWare.Inc Series. There are some unused minigames.


There were 3 microgames which never made it into the final game. One of which was a Breakout minigame. The second microgame which went unused was a Color-TV Pong Minigame which was based on Nintendo's 1977 system. The 3rd was a very hard version of Dodge-Balls where the player had to dodge 10 balls. These were most likely cut to not make the game to difficult to play.


  • The Cutting Room Floor has cheat codes to access these unused minigames
    WarioWare Inc-UnusedGame1

    Breakout Minigame

    WarioWare Inc-DodgeBallsLevel9

    The Cut Dodge-Balls Stage

  • A video clip of these cut minigames can be found.

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