NBC Fall Promos 1978-7903:58

NBC Fall Promos 1978-79

A promo.

NBC Fall Schedule Promo 197828:18

NBC Fall Schedule Promo 1978

W.E.B. footage starts at TBA.

W.E.B. is a 1978 NBC drama starring Pamela Belwood as Ellen Cunningham, head of Special Events Programming at the fictional Trans-Atlantic Broadcasting. The series went inside the inner workings of the TV industry and had Ellen deal with various obstacles, including her male coworkers. It was originally slated to air on Wednesdays, but in order to show NBC Wednesday Night at the Movies, the proposed hour-long sitcom Coasttocoast had to be abandoned from its planned Thursday time slot. However, W.E.B. only lasted five weeks before getting cancelled, and was replaced with David Cassidy: Man Undercover. Scant clips have surfaced since, via network promos.

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