Cover of the Korean version of Are You My Neighbor?

VeggieTales is a near 25 year old popular video series about anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables in stories conveying moral themes based on Christianity. The episodes frequently retell and recreate Bible stories anachronistically reframed and include humorous references to pop culture.

Because of the show's popularity, various dubs such as Spanish have been made of the series, however, the Japanese and Korean dubs of the series are incredibly hard to find, even if you type ベジーテイルズ or 베지태일 (The Japanese and Korean names of the series) in Google ,and for the Japanese dub; only the Hairbrush Song has been found. It was also found as an Easter Egg on the The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown DVD.

There are some openings of the series in Japanese,uploaded by Buster Bird, but they were discovered to be fake, as they were only a mix of the Chinese and Arabic version
Japanese Hairbush Song

Japanese Hairbush Song

For the Korean dub however; the series apparently aired on the Korean network KBS1, but not much information is known beyond that, however, an ad for the series has surfaced.
Korean VeggieTales Ad-0

Korean VeggieTales Ad-0

EDIT: I found a few more covers of the Korean VeggieTales DVDs. They're from a website called, I might check the website out to see if I can get more photos.

Anyway, I'll make a gallery and add those covers to them.

EDIT 2: I found a bit of the Korean dub of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie. Its only the ending and the credits though. Definitely gonna contact the uploader to see if he has anything else from this dub.
Jonah - Ending Credits (Korean TV Version)

Jonah - Ending Credits (Korean TV Version)

Also, I checked Its a shopping website, and the VeggieTales DVDs/VHSs are out of stock. Here's a link to some of their listings so you know I'm not making it up or you're curious:

Are You My Neighbor?:

Madame Blueberry:

King George and the Ducky:

LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed:

Lyle the Kindly Viking:

EDIT 3: Eureka!!!, i was searching for Spanish VHS covers of the series when i found the Japanese cover of Where's God When I'm S-Scared!!, i also found an Japanese website that has the original VHS in Japanese along with other episodes!, i also found covers for: God Wants Me To Forgive Them?!?, Are You My Neighbor?, Rack, Shack and Benny, Dave and the Giant Pickle and The Toy That Saved Christmas, also the Japanese name above is not real, the true name of the series in Japan is ヴェジテールズ, not ベジーテイルズ

Here is the link for the Japanese website:


Covers(the left covers are the Korean ones, and the right covers are the Japanese ones):

EDIT 4: BiC55 here. I found Jonah in Hungarian online, but it's in low quality in both audio and video. I have the Hungarian DVD of the movie and played it on my MacBook Pro, but the menus look like they were done by a group of 6th graders. The main menu shows the Hungarian dub of Jonah Was A Prophet, the scenes menu has the dub of Second Chances, and the other menus have a dub of Message From The Lord. Here's the Hungarian dub, if anyone's interested.

EDIT 5: I'm back. I found a version of Jonah with Russian people talking over the English dialogue. They didn't translate Billy Joe McGuffrey for some strange reason. There are other VeggieTales episodes with Russian voice overs, including Saint Nicholas: A Story Of Joyful Giving. That was released 2 years after the show stopped being dubbed. Here's the Russian version for anyone who's interested.

EDIT 6: I got the lyrics from the Hungarian version of "Steak and Shrimp" from the subtitles on the DVD.

Cápa steaket, kérek, kérek!
Rák, rák, még egy, még egy!

Garnélát, garnélát,
ide, ide, kérek, kérek!

Nyami-hami, fald fel őket,
rákot, kagylót, herkentyűket!

EDIT 7: I found something very interesting. The actor who voices Junior in the Japanese dub is Yuji Mori.

EDIT 8: First thing before I get to this; I realized in the Russian version of Jonah that Billy Joe McGuffrey is translated until "You can buy a zoo with all the doctor bills he paid" is sung the first time. After that, only Bob's dialogue is translated until the end of the song.

Anyways, if you remember the Brazilian Portuguese dubs of the show, the first dub from Audio News that was released on VHS is lost. Jonathan Teka (who is one of my friends on Vimeo and my Brazilian version of Big Idea) made a fan version of the dub's theme song, but the lyrics are just translated from the English version.

For example, what is supposed to be "Nós somos Os Vegetais" is sung as "É hora de Os Vegetais" for some reason, showing that it was translated from the English version.

EDIT 8.5: I just realized that Ramon Mourão (who runs JesusLegalCanal with his brother, Rodrigo Mourão) owns the original VHS dub of Are You My Neighbor (Você é o Meu Vizinho in the dub), but sadly, the theme song (and final scene) are cut off.

EDIT 9: I found a download host for part of a Korean VeggieTales DVD. This includes VOB files. However, you have to register to download the files.

EDIT 10: Jonathan Teka found a part of the original Brazilian Portuguese dub of Are You My Neighbor?. It's just ONE minute from it, though.

EDIT 11: Hi. Jonathan Teka here. I found the original Brazilian VHS cover of Are You My Neighbor?. I also found out Buenna Vista Films distributed the show's products from 1997-2001.


EDIT 12: I heard the Korean dub's name is actually 베지테일. That's just to fix up on what the other guy posted WAY BACK THEN.

EDIT 13: I've heard that there are Croatian and Danish dubs of the show. I have a Croatian DVD of An Easter Carol and plan to upload footage from it at some point on Vimeo. I will link to the video when it's uploaded.

EDIT 14 (December 14, 2017): MisterSheeple here. I just found a ton of Korean covers, and I uploaded them here. There's a lot more, and I will upload the rest soon.

EDIT 15: Jonathan Teka says that there's a German dub that came before the current one that you can find on the internet. He says that it was dubbed from 1997-2004 and that it was dubbed by FFS Film- & Fernseh-Synchron GmbH in Munich. If I remember correctly, David Nathan voiced Bob and Benedikt Weber voiced Larry.

EDIT 15.5: Scratch what I said on the Danish dub of the show. It was actually a Norwegian dub.

EDIT 16: I've found out BoyInCharge55 owns the 2009 German DVD of LarryBoy and the Bad Apple. (known as LarryBoy und der Böse Apfel). I'll see if he can post the full episode on MediaFire or Google Drive anytime soon.

EDIT 17: Part 1 of LarryBoy und der Böse Apfel has been posted on Vimeo by VeggieKid 5000. (My Vimeo friend)

EDIT 17.5: BiC55 here! Since Jonathan Teka forgot to post the link to my video, here it is:

EDIT 18: Here's another part of LarryBoy und der Böse Apfel on my Vimeo.

EDIT 19: I'm sorry for not posting a third part of LarryBoy und der Böse Apfel in so long or a while. I'll film it and post it if I can.

EDIT 20: While I was watching some VeggieTales videos on YouTube, I happened to find a Vietnamese VeggieTales remix video along with a few others. I then happened to discover every single episode of the dub...on a single page!

However, it's in English with a Vietnamese voiceover. The Star of Christmas is also split into 2 videos.

EDIT 21: Hi, Jonathan Teka here. I know I'm late but, part 3 (which has been split into 3 halves) and part 4 of LarryBoy and the Bad Apple in German has been posted on Vimeo.

EDIT 21.5: Jonathan Teka doesn't have links. My Vimeo is VeggieKid 5000.

EDIT 22: I would now may hate to confirm this, but the "original" German dub of VeggieTales may be fake.

(Edited by Jonathan Teka)

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