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    May 21, 2016 by Dycaite

    We finished moving the site to back in mid 2015, the only reason this iteration of the site is still open is because Wikia refuse to close it. Please, if you care about this project, stop using this old version and let it die already. It's doing nothing but dividing the community and the fact that it has not been updated for literally close to 2 years is giving the LMW team a bad name. We've tried petitioning Craig L Palmer, the CEO of Wikia to no avail. Every SINGLE one of the admins is in favour of having the old site shut down but Wikia simply won't do it. So, please, support the LMW by discontinuing use of this Wikia version.


    -dycaite (founder of the Lost Media Wiki)

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  • Dycaite

    Necrobius is an (officially) unreleased 1996 click-and-point adventure/mystery game, featuring psychedelic visuals and cryptic puzzles. It was created by Daniel Auld, now Chief Architect of NeuralEssence LTD. For a time, the game was rumoured to have been released in Japan, though this claim has since been proven false.

    The game is played from the perspective of an unnamed character journeying through the mind of one Professor Necrobius, on a quest to uncover the secret to preventing the death of their planet. please feel free to contact me if you have any trouble getting it to run and I will attempt to advise you on remedying the situation. Big, big thanks to Daniel Auld, without whom we would not have a playable, near-complete version of t…

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  • Dycaite

    For today's Lost Media History, I'm covering two pieces of recently unearthed media that slipped us by before we even had a chance to write up articles for them (regrettably). One of them was briefly mentioned in the shoutbox by myself, though the other slipped us by completely, and as such, I feel that they both warrant a special mention (especially the latter of the two). Today's lesson is on Tim and Eric's The New Big Ball With Neil Hamburger Adult Swim pilot, along with J.D. Salinger's Three Stories, a collection of unpublished works (including, most notably, The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls).

    The New Big Ball With Neil Hamburger is a 2010 pilot from the minds of absurdist duo Tim and Eric, and was a mock game-show hosted by Neil Hamburger (…

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  • Dycaite

    WOW, 300 articles! Thank you so much to everyone for contributing, browsing, chatboxing and making this wiki something to really be proud of; honestly, without you all this wiki would not have progressed anywhere near as far as it has done. There's nothing else I can really say that hasn't been said in my previous two blog posts from when we reached the 100th and 200th articles, so instead, in celebration, I present you with this:

    Directed by Ted Kotcheff in 1970, (and originally released in 1971), was an Australian-American thriller titled Wake in Fright, chronicling one man's hellish experience in a (fictional) town named Bundanyabba, in the Australian outback. Based on Kenneth Cook's 1961 novel of the same name, the film was initially rec…

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  • Dycaite

    200 Already!?

    July 25, 2013 by Dycaite

    It wasn't long ago that we hit the 100 page milestone here at The Lost Media Wiki, and I am astounded that we have now, today, hit the 200 mark! Huge thanks to all contributors responsible, this wiki wouldn't be what it is today without you guys.


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