Broadcast and History

In 1991, a married couple (Gus and Emma Schlishki) first broadcast Unwind with the Sweeties. The show seems to be about an older man in a lime colored mask with buck teeth in a grey wig and his younger wife with a lemon colored mask wearing a brown wig. They both wear eye eyeglasses and mostly hang around at a table in some sort of quiet zone reading and singing together.

Since it's especially poorly made (even for public access) the show just leaves off an uncomfortable vibe and almost uneasy tone. In one episode which aired back in 1992 the two of them are just sitting at the table doing all kinds of weird stuff. At one moment it even cuts to a cat licking itself for no apparent reason.

One of the most bizarre episodes which aired as late as 1995 involves the man and the woman sitting in their zone reading. The man is reading a sexually suggestive magazine when the screen fades to the same woman in a different wig and outfit representing that of Marilyn Monroe, as she continues with a strange story.

As she goes on she continues to shift into other sexually suggestive poses. It's almost as if she has a severe case of ADHD. Eventually it goes back to Mr Sweetie and Mrs Sweetie where she calls him off accusing him of being in a private moment.

The show surprisingly lasted for quite a long time (as late as 2002) and despite the poorly made series' failure to liven up what you'd expect, it attained a following and even a blog (which revealed the Sweeties names as Gus and Emma) which remains inactive having not posted since. For a show this bizarre the blog was especially terrifying which would make one question what exactly the Sweeties have become since the show ended.

The last posted Blog was a strange story called 'Gus and Emma Schlishki's Family Reunion' and contained a graphic image of a mutilated body. There is apparently a Facebook page, but for some reason the link fails if you click it.




Gus and Emma (the sweeties)'s Blog (WARNING; graphic):


It is not exactly known when or why the series ended. It can only be presumed either the costs became too much for Gus and Emma or it ended when the Public Access Cable company closed. After the show ended various clips were uploaded onto YouTube by various YouTubers such as LoveTheSweeties and TWITCH RECORDINGS - OFFICIAL (who uploaded the 1st full episode), but other than that no known episodes are seen entirely (except the christmas special and the episode previously mentioned above).

Current Status

The show has now slipped away into obscurity. Ever since 2010 Gus and Emma have remained absent from the internet. Aside from a few wordpress articles and the inactive blog, it can be assumed they have not moved on to better works. Only thing that needs to be said is that if the show were to uncover it would only make it worse as the show itself is rather bizarre.

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