Triff: Daiseibu Animaru no Hihō
Triff SFC flyer
Flyer of the game.
Status Lost

Triff: Daiseibu Animaru no Hihō (Triff-大西部アニマルの秘宝-) was a cancelled Super Famicom game that was in development by a little known company called Cyclone Inc. It was designed by artist Susumu Matsushita who is best known for his design works of the Famitsu mascot Necky the Fox, Hudson's Adventure Island series, and the Derby Stallion series.

Not much is known about this game, except that it was going to be released in December sometime in mid 1990s and that it would have supported the Super Famicom mouse, but it was cancelled for unknown reasons. No prototypes or even screenshots of the game are known to exist.

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