Cover of Tomb Raider 3

PlayStation Underground JAMPACK (SCUS-94287) - Behind the Scenes - Tomb Raider 305:30

PlayStation Underground JAMPACK (SCUS-94287) - Behind the Scenes - Tomb Raider 3

Alpha Tomb Raider 3, Late May 1998 E3 Demo02:02

Alpha Tomb Raider 3, Late May 1998 E3 Demo

2 minutes of Tomb Raider 3 alpha footage.

One of the more defining titles for the original PlayStation was the Tomb Raider series. From 1996, Eidos would release yearly sequels for the PlayStation, (alongside PC ports for each of them), up until to 2000, spanning five titles. As of 2013, there have been ten Tomb Raider games released (not counting spin-off titles).

2003's The Angel of Darkness would be the most notorious installment for having deleted content, although 1998's Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft would be the runner up for unused content, namely:

  • A level set in Peru. It is unknown if Eidos ever created any actual content for the level.
  • A knife Lara can use for combat, tree climbing, and removing objects.
  • A crouch roll ability not featured in the final game.
  • A level set in St. Paul's Cathedral. This section would take place between the Thames Warf and the Aldwych levels (which would explain how Lara could jump into a bell tower and end up in an abandoned subway). The bonus level All Hallows is believed to be the remains of the the scrapped St. Paul's section.[1]
  • Lara would have encountered a Ghost while at the Natural History Museum
  • Lara's Antartica outfit was originally all white but in the final game it was a pair of white snow pants with an orange top.

Beta screenshots[2][3]


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