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Tobi! is an Canadian-Australian children's short-form TV series that originally aired on Treehouse TV and Nickelodeon Australia for an short time in 2010. The show follows a young boy named Tobi who wishes to make his world an better place.

However, only 2 episodes are resurfaced "The Wall" and "No Place Like Home" online. While the other two, "The Beach" and "Tobi and the Bonkle" are lost. Plus, the series has never released on home video either.


Tobi - No place like home (English)04:06

Tobi - No place like home (English)

1st of the 2 episodes resurfaced online.

Tobi - The Wall (English)04:09

Tobi - The Wall (English)

2nd of the 2 episodes resurfaced online.

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