Tiny Toon Adventures "One Beer" (Banned Episode)
Tiny Toon Adventures Banned Episode - One Beer HD Remastered04:04

Tiny Toon Adventures Banned Episode - One Beer HD Remastered

Status Found
The episode "Elephant Issues" contained three segments, one of which was called "One Beer". This segment involves Buster, Plucky and Hampton drinking alcohol from the fridge and going on drunken adventures until they steal a car and crash it, only that they were only showing kids the dangers of alcohol.

The segment was banned from reruns on Fox Kids, Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Cartoon Network and the Kids WB, due to the depiction of Buster, Plucky and Hampton getting drunk and the possibility of unaware viewers thinking that their favorite characters are actually dead. Despite this, the episode was eventually included on the Volume 3 DVD set, and later aired in reruns on the Hub Network (later Discovery Family).

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