Kaz the Cat as an acrobat

In 1998, the Wiggles screened their first TV series on Seven Network. Each episode feature different segments such as Wigglehouse, Henry the Octopus and Captain Feathersword. However one of the segments show that instead of the ones taking place at a children's school, there were ones featuring Kaz the Cat. Dorothy the Dinosaur's voice-over Carolyn Ferrie is the host of these segments.

A clip of Kaz dressing up as an acrobat can be found on the Wiggles puppets and friends clip compilation on YouTube.


Captain Feathersword's original TV Series title

There was supposed to be rare version of Captain Feathersword's title is shown during the opening, but it wasn't.

Kaz the Cat

1 Who Ate the Cheese? Found
2 Pending
3 Pending
4 Pending
5 Travelling Found
6 Pending
7 Flying Found
8 Plan a Surprise Birthday Party Found
9 Kaz Sings Opera Found
10 How to Escape from the Heat Found
11 Kaz the Acrobat Cat Found
12 Pending
13 Benjamin Bird and Carolyn Ferrie Tell Jokes Found


Get Ready to Wiggle (Wiggle Puppets)02:06

Get Ready to Wiggle (Wiggle Puppets)

Kaz the Cat clip at 0:33

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