Half Wits Holiday Title Card
 In 1947 The Three Stooges released Half Wits Holiday which was the 97th short subject presentation, it was Curly's final appearance as a member of the Stooges.

Unfilmed Scenes Information

According to The Three a few scenes during the pie fight were written for Curly. Originally he was going to be the prominent feature in the pie fight. However on May 6,1946 which was the last day of filming he suffered a stroke forcing him to not appear in the pie fight and causing him to be replaced by Shemp in later shorts. In issue 105 of The Three Stooges Journal (Spring 2003) the original unfinished script with Curly was available.


  • During the pie fight scene in the final film, screaming can be heard and Jules White can be heard yelling "Someone get a doctor"!
  • No footage is available online.

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