TEXAS WHEELERS opening credits ABC sitcom00:59

TEXAS WHEELERS opening credits ABC sitcom

The opening credits.

1970's Pop Culture ABC-TV 1974 "Upcoming Fall Line-up" Promo Reel33:31

1970's Pop Culture ABC-TV 1974 "Upcoming Fall Line-up" Promo Reel

The ABC fall preview (Texas Wheelers footage at TBA).

MTM Logo Texas Wheelers Variant00:04

MTM Logo Texas Wheelers Variant

The known MTM logo variant.

The Texas Wheelers is a 1974 ABC sitcom starring Jack Elam as Zack Wheeler, who returns to rural Texas after the death of his wife to raise his four children - Truckie (Gary Busey), Doobie (Mark Hamill, in his most notable pre-Star Wars role), Boo, and T.J. (Tony Becker). Although it was the first MTM Enterprises production to air outside of CBS, due to being aired against the second half of NBC's The Rockford Files, it was cancelled after four episodes, although four more would then air in summer 1975. However, the show remains very hard to find to this day, especially the series finale variant of the MTM logo. (More on that in The Lost Logos Hub.)

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