The Sweet Story Sugartown Japanese Audition

An audition announcement for a Japanese dub of "The Sweet Story Sugartown." The characters on the right are the main characters.

"The Sweet Story Sugartown" (알콩달콩 슈가타운) is a Korean 2004 animated short created by Studio Sonaki.


The Sweet Story Sugartown is set in a world made out of sweets. It follows three candy fairies who goes to fantastic adventures.

The short was originally seen for the 2004 Seoul Short Animation Competition. A televison series was proposed, but it is unknown if it ever came into fruition. In 2009, there was an audition casting call for the creation of a Japanese dub.

It had a website that used Adobe Flash, but it is been offline, making all content of it lost. Even if it's website is viewed through the Internet Archive, there are few screenshots of the page saved, but no Flash files have been spared. Studio Sonaki had the same fate as well, which went out of business. Since it's website is no longer accessible, no videos of Sugar Town can be found on the Internet, and many webpages that mention it are gone.

The short is included in a DVD along with other Korean animated shorts, but only few libraries in South Korea possess copies of it, and is not available for private use.

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