The Popcorn Kid was a short lived TV show that aired in 1987. The show takes place at the Majestic Theater in Kansas City. It focused on Scott Creasman, played by Bruce Norris, who always wanted to be in the movie business. The show was created by Barry Kemp. The first episode was aired on March 23, 1987. The series was well received by critics however most viewers didn't like the series.

Thanks to the YouTube user The Visual Wasteland, (formerly known as Blazerfan40), four of the six episodes were recovered (ie. episodes 1,3,4 and 6). He has stated that he doesn't have the missing episodes 2 and 5.

In the second episode of the show called "There She Is, Vic Damone", Damone followed one of the female employees, Lynn Holly Brickhouse trying to find a talent for a beauty competition. The fifth episode, "A Day in the Life of Ed Asner", revolved around the theater having a Ed Asner film festival, however a tornado threatens the festival.

UPDATE 11 Dec '13: The two remaining unresurfaced episodes (ie. episodes 2 and 5) of The Popcorn Kid were uploaded to YouTube by mantronix4ever, on September 20th and 21st of this year, respectively.

Thanks for the uploads, mantronix4ever, and thanks to J03yty for bringing them to our attention! The two episodes can be seen in their entirety below.

UPDATE 01 Mar '14: mantronix4ever's YouTube account has recently been suspended due to copyright violation. As a result, the two found episodes are now being mirrored on The Lost Media Wiki's YouTube channel.

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