Californian punk rock band The Offspring released a demo tape for their album Smash, a year prior to the release of the finished album, which went on to become the best-selling independent record of all time. The demo tape remains unreleased to the public, but according to the Wikipedia page of the band's discography[1], it was released in 1993 on a cassette tape. The only evidence to the tape's existence is a tweet from guitarist Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman[2].

Track List:[1]


  1. "In Colorado" ("Nitro (Youth Energy)")
  2. "Genocide"
  3. "Man on a Wheel" ("Smash")
  4. "It'll Be a Long Time"
  5. "Really, Really Punk" ("So Alone")
  6. "Something to Believe In"
  7. "Killboy" ("Killboy Powerhead")
  8. "Bad Habit"


  1. "Cogs" ("Gotta Get Away") - Cogs is known to have been written in the early years of the band's existence when they were called Manic Subsidal, as stated by frontman Bryan "Dexter" Holland[3].
  2. "I'm Not the One" ("Not the One")
  3. "Old Slow One" ("Self Esteem")
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