The Mr. Men Show (not to be confused with the 2008 series of the same name), a North American remake of the British series, Mr. Men and Little Miss, is virtually identical to the original British version, apart from the live-action skits, actors and actresses, theme song, and credits. Its original air was in Canada. Its air in the USA started in the fall of 1997, syndicated by the Summit Media Group. In the American version, there were live action characters including The News Lady (with her sophisticated voice), The Game Show Guy, a carpenter with his assistant, and a mad scientist with her assistant, among others.

Only two episodes, titled "Fitness Day" and "Carnival" have surfaced. The uploader bbahalt said that he had a tape full of episodes from this show, but he recorded it over with Sonic Underground. He said the found two episodes were from another tape.

It is unknown if any more episodes will be found, though it is unlikely.

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