Liz hammering a fan (From the episode: Cold Feet)


The producer from the episode "Cold Feet" as seen in the 2nd half opening

When The Magic School Bus Holiday Special aired in 1996, there was an additional part about the 10th anniversary of the Magic School Bus called a documentary, hosted by the voice actor of the producer, Malcolm Jamal Warner. As with the original 1994 airing of In the Haunted House and the missing Halloween special, this MSB rarity has yet to surface. However in 2009, a clip of it was uploaded on YouTube. 7 years later on September 9th 2016, the complete version with the long-long documentary was uploaded on YouTube after 20 years of absence.




The Magic School Bus "The Family Holiday Special" (1996) Full Episode55:25

The Magic School Bus "The Family Holiday Special" (1996) Full Episode

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