"Rowdy" Roddy Piper on The Love Boat A Valentine Voyage (1990)04:29

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper on The Love Boat A Valentine Voyage (1990)

A clip of A Valentine Voyage.

Although ABC's ever-popular, guest-star-filled anthology series The Love Boat had completed a nine-season run in 1986, four TV movies were shown afterwards between November 1986 and 1990. While "The Christmas Cruise" and "Who Killed Maxwell Thorne?" have been circulated, for years Love Boat fans have been seeking after the other two: "The Shipshape Cruise" and "A Valentine Voyage".

In "Shipshape", which aired in 1986, a plus-sized diet doctor promotes her fitness program by hiring a hard-bodied instructor, a man tells his significant other about wanting to see other women, and Doc (Bernie Kopell), on his honeymoon, bumps into his ex (Stephanie Beachem). "Valentine", a 1990 production, has its main story revolve around the bookkeeper of the Pacific Princess, who accidentally becomes driver for a trio of jewel thieves. As part of a TV movie marathon event, Decades has aired "The Shipshape Cruise" in March 2017, and the first half was on Dailymotion at one point, while a clip of "Valentine" has been posted to YouTube in January 2016.

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