The Great Battle
The Great Battle (cancelled US version) box art
US cover of the game.
Status Lost

SD The Great Battle is a 1990 Japan-only Super Famicom action game developed and published by Banpresto. This is the third game of the Japan-only crossover series Compati Hero.

Bandai had plans to bring SD The Great Battle to the North America as The Great Battle with a release scheduled for June 1992, but it was cancelled for unknown reasons (likely due to copyright issues). It would have been the first Compati Hero game to be released outside of Japan. The game was shown at the 1992 Winter CES.[1]

According to, the plot of the US version (with the name of Kamen Rider changed to Mask Rider) is as follows:

"It seems like evil never rests; you defeat one enemy of the world, and another is waiting around the corner to take his place. In THE GREAT BATTLE, the Dark Brain (an evil dictator) has seized control of four planets with the help of his Mutant-Robot Army. The Super Deformer Federation originally sent a team of three Warriors Mask Rider V3, Knight Gundam, and Ultraman Taro on a recon mission, but they never returned. Now it's up to three more brave Warriors Mask Rider 1, Ultraman, and Gundam to go in after their captured brothers in arms and put an end to the Dark Brain once and for all. They'll need your help to infiltrate the Brain's compound an entire solar system hangs in the balance."[2]

No prototypes or other information on the unreleased English version have surfaced.


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