Is anyone familiar with The Garfield Show? It's a French CGI-animated show made by Paws. It is the same as Garfield and Friends, but in CGI.

Well, there was one time, France Televisions and Cartoon Network in the USA ACCIDENTALLY aired an episode that was NEVER released due to its content. Also, Geo Guy was supposed to appear in this episode.

The viewers flooded Paws saying this episode alone scared them to death with all the content in it. Last night, I saw it. When I was playing Super Mario 64 on my N64, my mom opened the door and was holding a DVD, it was from France.

It was labeled in French, Not knowing French I quickly went to Google Translate and it said: "The Garfield Show Episode 104 Geo Guy's Death". Geo Guy? Geo Guy wasn't SUPPOSED to be in The Garfield Show!

I thought this might be an unaired The Garfield Show episode. So I went to my mum's bedroom and grabbed some apple juice with some cheddar seeds. I got out my DVD player and popped the disc in.

At first, there were 5 minutes of static and then the intro played. It looked perfectly normal, then the episode started. The story begins with Garfield opening the door like normal and looking at the newspaper, the newspaper read:


Garfield laughed and then stared at his clock, meaning that he's going to be in the funeral anyway. It then showed the scene of him on a car, then it cuts to static. It then looked like Garfield looking at tombstones until I saw a knife falling, I heard Garfield scream. It then showed Garfield's dead body.

Then it cuts to static again, the thing I could make in the static is Geo Guy getting shot 10 TIMES!

Suddenly it cut to John at Garfield's tombstone. He said something but it was in unsubbed Turkish. I translated it later and it translates to "Oh shit! Garfield is dead! Fuuuuuuu!". He sounded similar to South Park when Kenny dies. Then the shot of John playing his trumpet is seen from the episode where John buys music. When he plays the trumpet, John was staring RIGHT at me as he played a creepy toon. Then there was a close-up of him and then it cuts to static.

The credits were in Russian followed by 15 minutes of static. I took the DVD out and broke it with my pocket knife.

Now guys, if you see a DVD with Geo Guy's Death in it, JUST DESTROY IT!