Host Eric Andre (right) and co-host Hannibal Buress (left) on the set of the show.

The Eric Andre Show, as some of you may know, is a surrealist-humour, mock late night panel show. The first season consists of 10 episodes (at roughly 11 minutes each), originally broadcast throughout 2012 (plus the special half-hour December 31 "New Year's Eve Spooktacular").

What some people don't know is that Eric Andre actually created a "demo" pilot episode in the Summer of 2009, shot by himself and a few friends in an abandoned bodega that they had rented. Andre then spent the next year learning FinalCut Pro and editing the footage into what eventually became a 7 minute demo episode, which he then used to pitch the show to various broadcasting corporations, the majority of whom were largely uninterested (due to its bizarre content and its "low budget", "public access" feel). However, Adult Swim, after being shown the demo, agreed, (on Thanksgiving of 2010), to produce the series, and the official pilot was subsequently shot, airing in May 2011.

Not much more is known about the original demo (none of the plot details ever having been revealed), although it did received a mentioned in the Adult Swim bumper that aired directly before the "real" first episode, quoting "The show you are about to watch began life back in 2009 as a demo tape. Eric spent a year learning FinalCut Pro to edit it. He shopped his talk show to many networks. They said it was too weird, low budget, or public access for air. We saw it and said make more please. Here's The Eric Andre Show".

The Eric Andre Show has not yet received a DVD release; as such, fans are optimistically hoping that the original pilot may end up being included as an extra in a possible future release (though Adult Swim have never announced any such plans for a DVD release of the show).

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