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The Blues Brothers is an unaired, 1997 animated series that would have air on the UPN television network. The series takes the name of the critically-acclaimed 1980 movie of the same name. The series was set to star the brothers of the original movie actors (Peter Aykroyd in Dan's place, and Jim Belushi in John's place), but for unknown reasons, the series has never aired, and has yet to be leaked to the public.


In 1997, actor Dan Akroyd sold to the TV network UPN the rights to the film The Blues Brothers, which he starred in 1980 with the late John Belushi. Film Roman, the animation company that produced The Simpsons, animated eight of the thirteen episodes ordered by the network. However, later in 1997 the series was canceled, and the eight episodes made were never aired.

The fansite Blues Brothers Central provides not only an episode list, but a cast list as well. The Blues Brothers themselves, Elwood and Jake, were not voiced by their original actors (due to John Belushi's death in 1982). However, Aykroyd and Belushi's brothers, Peter Akroyd and James Belushi, offered to take up the roles, and were cast as the "new" Blues Brothers. The site also says that the eight episodes were shown at MIPCOM (a TV entertainment market/festival of sorts, held once a year in Cannes).[1] Still, the series has yet to be released in any form.

A new animated series with Dan Aykroyd credited as co-creator and executive producer is currently in development at Bento Box.[2]



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