The Big Bang Theory Pilot Photo

Copyright Card

 Before the sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" had premiered in late 2007, There were two pilots made prior to its airing. The first pilot was filmed in 2006 which can be found online and the second less known version was filmed in early 2007.


This pilot was the "Final Sales Version" of the Pilot that was broadcasted later that year. On the copyright card, it is dated March 21, 2007. Although it is mostly the same as the broadcast version there are differences. First of all, The opening scene in the High IQ Sperm bank is sort of a combination between the aired version and the 2006 Unaired Pilot. This version has no theme song and has different scene transitions. Only a screenshot of the copyright card was mentioned in a forum and this version is nowhere to be found.


  • It is labeled # 276023.


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