The Beatles is an American Cartoon Produced by King Features Syindicate and created by Al Brodax. The Show features The Popular English Rock band on Adventures; it ran from 1965 to 1969.

The Show was Dubbed on Spanish in Mexico and only aired on Peru and Costa Rica TV Channels. Only 11 Episodes from the 39 Episodes Are on Youtube and Dailymotion. Other Episodes were uploaded by other Youtube Channel but the episode were blocked by copyright (Including the Sing Alone Segments).

Note: 6 more episodes has been found and 2 segments on facebook. (15 August 2017)

Voice Cast

  • John Lennon-Salvador Najar.
  • Paul McCartney-Luis Bayardo.
  • Ringo Starr- Jorge Arvizu.
  • George Harrison-Jorge Arvizu.
  • Narrator- Carlos David Ortigoza, Sergio de Bustamante.
  • Aditional Voices- Maria Antonieta de las Nieves, Roberto Espriu, Guilliermo Banche, Armando Gutierrez & Eduardo Alcaraz.

Channels were the Show Aired

  • Televisora Tic Tac- Costa Rica.
  • Teletica- Costa Rica.
  • Parameicana Television- Peru.

Found Episodes.

  1. Little Girl (Pequeña Niña)[1]
  2. Misery (Que Desgracia)[2]
  3. Anna [3]
  4. I'll Cry Instead (Mejor Llorare)[4]
  5. What You're Doing (Pero Que Has Hecho Conmigo) [5]
  6. Bad Boy (Chico Malo)
  7. I've Just seen a face (E Visto una Cara)
  8. Tomorrow never Knows (Nadie Sabe El Mañana)
  9. Paperback writer (El Novelista)
  10. I Don't wanna spoil the party (No quiero arruinar la fiesta) only 10 seconds of spanish audio are adviable.
  11. If I Fell (Si Cayera)


Canten Con Nosotros

Canten Con Nosotros

Canten Con Nosotros (2)

Canten Con Nosotros (2)