The Beatles is an American Cartoon Produced by King Features Syindicate and created by Al Brodax. The Show features The Popular English Rock band on Adventures; it ran from 1965 to 1969.

The Show was Dubbed on Spanish in Mexico and only aired on Peru and Costa Rica TV Channels. Only 5 Episodes from the 39 Episodes Are on Youtube and Dailymotion. Other 4 Episodes were uploaded by other Youtube Channel but the episode were blocked by copyright (Including the Sing Alone Segments).

Voice Cast

  • John Lennon-Salvador Najar, Eduardo Arozamena.
  • Paul McCartney-Luis Bayardo, Victor Mares.
  • Ringo Starr- Jorge Arvizu.
  • George Harrison-Angel Aragon, Jorge Arvizu.
  • Narrator- Carlos David Ortigoza, Sergio de Bustamante.
  • Aditional Voices- Maria Antonieta de las Nieves, Roberto Espriu, Guilliermo Banche, Armando Gutierrez & Eduardo Alcaraz.

Channels were the Show Aired

  • Televisora Tic Tac- Costa Rica.
  • Teletica- Costa Rica.
  • Parameicana Television- Peru.

Found Episodes (Adviable on Youtube and DailyMotion).

  • Little Girl (Pequeña Niña)[1]
  • Misery (Que Desgracia)[2]
  • Anna [3]
  • I'll Cry Instead (Mejor Llorare)[4]
  • What You're Doing (Pero Que Has Hecho Conmigo) [5]

Known Missing Episodes (Blocked by Copyright)

  • Bad Boy (Chico Malo).
  • I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Quiero Tomar Tu Mano).
  • You've Really Got a hold on me (Tu Si Tienes un Agarro en mi).
  • I've just seen a face ( E Visto una Cara).
  • Tomorrow never knows (Mañana no se sabe).

External Link

  • Dub Wikia Page from the Beatles Cartoon Spanish Dub (The Page is on Spanish) [6]

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