In 1965, ABC aired a Saturday morning cartoon based on The Beatles. It was the first animated series to feature real, living people. Of all 39 episodes, only 8 are known to be available on YouTube. All episodes were available at one point, but almost all of them have been taken down by UMG_MK due to copyright troubles.

Update: All the Episodes aren't missing, the full episodes can be found on Kisscartoon and Dailymotion.

KissCartoon [1]

Dailymotion [2] (Note: Scroll and you'l found it)

Available episodes (On Youtube)

  1. "Not A Second Time" (link)
  2. "I'll Get You" (link)
  3. "Matchbox" (link)
  4. "Long Tall Sally" (link)
  5. "Honey Don't" (link)
  6. "Baby's In Black" (link)
  7. "Slow Down" (link)
  8. "I Saw Her Standing There" (link)

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