The Adventures of Lolo the Penguin is a 1986 joint Russian-Japanese animated 3 part serial film that was well known under it's American english name The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin, before the American English version was made though, an English version was made by Russian company Film-Export Studios, the first part of the film was credited to be dubbed in 1987, the second part's dubbing year is unknown, though it was probably dubbed in 1988, and the third and final part was dubbed in 1989, this version was released on VHS and DVD in Australia by Sefa Video and Force Entertainment, also known as Beyond Home Entertainment, however, this version deleted several scenes from the original version, a complete total of 15 minutes, reducing the time to 63 minutes instead of 75 minutes, these cuts were probably made due to the poor quality of the copy, as seen in some scenes, as well as censorship, these are all the scenes that were cut from this version

  • The Aurora Australis at the beginning of the film. (It is kept at the end of the film.)
  • The introduction at the beginning.
  • Toto spanks Lolo.
  • Part of the Kindergarten scene with Nini, where the young penguins are running and sliding on the block of ice.
  • Lolo and Pepe try to get the attention of xenophobic penguins.
  • Jack talking to the three caged penguins.
  • Lolo, Pepe, and Mak slide down the banister.
  • Lolo, Pepe, and Mak swim for the first time.
  • Grandfather Pigo being shot.
  • The scene where Toto fights for the rifle, but gets shot and killed.
  • Three background penguins shot and killed (but the following scene is kept, and the dialogue of Grandfather Pigo explains Toto had perished.)

A few scenes were cut due to censorship issues, while user rnjnj80 has made 3 videos of the 3 parts' english dubs, they are subtitled for the lost part

The only part of the original that was cut from the english dub that has been found is part 1's English opening card, but other than that, nothing else has been found, the full Australian release, along with the edited videos, can be viewed below

UPDATE: The Australian cut has been taken down, making it unwatchable.

Found credits plus videos



3) - English Dubbed + Subbed for lost parts29:52

3) - English Dubbed + Subbed for lost parts

3) - English Dubbed + Subbed for lost parts-019:01

3) - English Dubbed + Subbed for lost parts-0

3) - English Dubbed + Subbed for lost parts-128:54

3) - English Dubbed + Subbed for lost parts-1

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