The Adventures of BeeBot was a series of a weird bee-robot character named 'BeeBot', it is originally a

classroom educational toy by educational company 'TTS Ltd.' created by thebeebotchanel (Ryan Jardine), back in the late 2011 as he goes on different adventures to very strange places around the globe, he creates the videos by taking snapshots of Bee-Bot in places using a software called 'BeeBot Activities 1 Software' and doing editing on 'Movie Maker', his mum helped him upload the videos as he was only little by the time. There were two episodes called 'Roadworks with BeeBot in Black and White' and 'BeeBot Likes the Bing Bong Song' they got taken down and his channel got suspended in 2012.

He made another channel called 'Ryan Jardine' which he continued making BeeBot videos, one called 'Bee Island The Movie' and 'BeeBot Likes The Birdy Song', his channel then got suspended afterwards.

Luckily, Ryan archived his YouTube videos before they were taken down on a DVD, Ryan found the DVD in his cupboard and decided to upload them to Dailymotion instead of YouTube to not get any more trouble.

You can watch the videos here!

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