That's A Fact Jack was a prototype game that started development in 1991 and was later reworked into You Don't Know Jack.


In 1991 a company known as Learn Television(Jellyvision) released an educational film known as The Mind's Treasure Chest, Later Learn Television wanted to use multimedia technologies to create a learning experience. The company teamed up with a company known as Follett Software Company to create a game titled That's A Fact Jack!. According to wikipedia The game was targeted at 3rd to 10th graders and would be about a question based on a popular title and would give choices for the player to choose. Later on in 1995 Jellyvision teamed up with Berkeley Systems and reworked the game into what is now known as You Don't Know Jack!. Sadly No screenshots or videos are available. The only evidence on its existence is in a Wikipedia Article.


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