Takeshi's Castle/Takeshi's Challenge (Original versions)
Takeshi no Chosenjo boxart
Boxart of Takeshi's Challenge.
Status Lost

Takeshi's Challenge is a 1986 Famicom game that was originally to based on the Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle (known as MXC in United States). Very little information is known about the title, Takeshi's Castle was in development before Kitano contacted the game designers about ideas for a new game.[1]

The game's basis to would being able to exert violence on all characters is similar to the Grand Theft Auto series but, many of Kitano's ideas were scrapped due to the Famicom game system's limitations, or because the content was not suitable for young children. The game adaptations of the Takeshi's Castle, Takeshi no Sengoku Fuunji and Family Trainer Totsugeki! Fuun Takeshijo, were later released on the Famicom in beween 1987 and 1988.

It's unknown if any work in the original versions.


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