SuperGodzila12 was a somewhat famous Internet reviewer on YouTube. He was most well know for his love of the character Barney the Dinosaurs and being a huge atheist.His Face was never shown and but his icon was of Godzilla.Alongside his reviews he made to other types of Videos,One being a Computer named tom (using the tom computer voice) Ratting about his odd comedic day.Another one was him playing episodes of kid shows and dubbing over swear words over them. And Finally Super Godzilla was also a brony and would sometimes react to previous  incarnation of the show. (only a clip form review) (a clip of him being enveloped with a review!)

In 2014  SuperGodzilla12 stopped making videos  all together and later that year he deleted his channel all together with all of his videos in it.

List of Lost videos(that I can Remember at the top of my head)     


Cat in Hat :LOST

Lion King:LOST(only a clip)

Look What god made:LOST

Barney's Great Adventure:LOST

Godzilla 1997:LOST

Psalty’s Salvation Celebration:LOST

Psalty's Praise Party:LOST

A Special Sesame Street Christmas:LOST

SpaceGodzilla watches My little pony:   

The Great Rainbow Caper.:LOST

Rainbow dash's special day:LOST

So many different ways to play

Stand By Me:Lost

Bad words series

Lazy Town

Sesame street

Other Videos

All the tom videos:LOST

Top 5 weirdest kid show moments:LOST

Barney Explaining Barney myths:Lost

Note: This is all the stuff I could remember if there is more you remember or i got a facted wrong,Please do change it            

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