STRUCK BY LIGHTNING opening credits and sponsor CBS sitcom01:16

STRUCK BY LIGHTNING opening credits and sponsor CBS sitcom

The opening credits (theme song by Joe Cocker).

Struck By Lightning - CBS Generic Promo (1979)00:12

Struck By Lightning - CBS Generic Promo (1979)

A series advertisement.

Struck by Lightning is a 1979 sitcom aired on CBS. Jeffrey Kramer stars as science teacher Ted Stein, who inhabits a spooky New England inn that's home to hulking caretaker Frank (Jack Elam). Ted and Frank respectively turn out to be the descendant of Dr. Frankenstein and a representation of his monster, who wants Ted to recreate a serum that Frank must take every 50 years in order to stay alive. Eleven episodes were filmed, and the series aired on Wednesdays at 8:30 PM Eastern time, but due to competition from ABC's Eight is Enough and NBC's Real People, not to mention terrible reviews (though Elam's character was well-recieved), only three were ever shown. Although all 11 did air in the United Kingdom on ITV in 1980, for the longest time only a very low-quality promo was available, uploaded to the Internet in 2007. Since then, higher-quality clips have turned up.

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