Storytime title

Storytime also known as Kino's Storytime  was a PBS series that ran from October 12,1992 to November 12, 1992 for 30 Minutes and shares similarities to Reading Rainbow like reading actual children's books you can find in a library or bookstore with pictures from the books used

Most of the episodes were released on 10 VHS tapes from Strand Home Video. Three are known to still exist, but it is unknown who owns them

Found Episodes


  • Various celebrity guest readers are known to appear on the show such as John Goodman, Ellen DeGeneres, Tim Allen, Little Richard, Annie Potts, Wilford Brimley and many others
  • Kino made a couple appearances in the VHS Kids for Character


KCET's Storytime coming up next promo00:16

KCET's Storytime coming up next promo

KCET's Storytime coming up next promo 200:16

KCET's Storytime coming up next promo 2

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