Step Inside
Step Inside title card
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Step Inside was a live-action BBC television series produced in 2001 and originally shown on the CBBC strand on BBC One and Two, and later repeated on the CBeebies channel until mid-2010[1]. The only human character in the show is Mr Mopple, played by Chris Jarvis, who is well-known for being one of the longest serving CBeebies presenters, serving until 2009, and still starring in a show named 'Show Me Show Me' with his CBeebies presentation co-star Pui Fan Lee on the CBeebies channel. The other characters featured in the show are mainly puppets, and are Twinkle, a cat, Boris, a bookshelf, and Chloe, a clock.

Episodes are available on BBC Redux, however this service is only available to those with a functioning e-mail address.

Out of the 50 [2] episodes broadcast, part of one and three full episodes have resurfaced, and can be viewed on YouTube.