Hi everyone! This so far will be my only creepypasta unless new pasta will be found. This story is true but is the episode a Stephen creation or a fake idiot? I don't know. Very graphic and scary

Part 1: How I got the tape.

Me and my mom love to go to this yard sale every year near where we live. There was a house with a "For Sale" sign on it and I thought it would have a lot to offer. The owner had Nickelodeon "office" supply like stuff and some tapes. The tapes were diffrent than the one I used to own (you will find out why later.). I can't say because they too were "lost" episodes and if it is one from a show you love, you know I don't want to destroy you inside any more. The guy I talked to said he was an intern at one point and collected unfinished tapes. I bought the one that said "Patrick's Illness" on the cover. I went home.

Part 2 The Episode:

I popped in the episode. First, an episode production number came up and said 00998487463674758310 and season 3 on it, followed by the normal theme song. After that the title screen came up with Patrick's Illness on the screen. The episode began to play and it looked like an episode I saw already. I paused it. I then was thinking and the episode reminded me of Once Bitten but with the background and character drawings to be from the season 2 and 3 era. The video resumed and when Gary was supposed to bite Squidward, he didn't. Instead he bit Patrick. Then a wierd scene popped out with SpongeBob's cousin who I never heard of named Bobby (probably because of Spongebob's name ending with Bob his name was Bob) asked why ketchup was coming out of Patrick's hand. Spongebob replied "He is magic." The next scene appeared with Patrick in the hospital and everyone in a circle surrounding Patrick with the daisy (the flower of death). Then Patrick rises and goes to Heaven followed by a clip show of Patrick and Heaven by Bryan Adams plays. It cuts to a scene of SpongeBob in his room with a VCR tape by his cousin. He plays it and.... I am not allowed to tell you any more information about this episode or play it on Youtube because my mom won't let me. The episode gives me nightmares and I wanted to tell you this. This story is TRUE!

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