Space Monster Wangmagwi, also known as Big Monster Wangmagwi, is a 1967 South Korean kaiju film.[1] The film has never been released on any home media format, and no bootleg recordings are known to exist.

The film, featuring the title monster on a Godzilla style rampage, has been shown at Korean film festivals, and the Korean Movie Database lists three prints of the film in the Korean film archive.[2] Detailed reviews of the film from these screenings are available online.

It is claimed that the film featured more extras than any other film (roughly 157,000),[3] other than the 1982 film Gandhi (at 300,000 extras), and this claim has even appeared in The Guinness Book of Records.
Copy 00 24 43 DSKT097814 01

A still of the monster.

In 2008, Korean graphic designer Hong Gi-hun created a series of vinyl toys based on several Korean monster movies, including Wangmagwi.[4] Hong is said to have attended multiple screenings of the film over a period of a few years, confirming that, while unreleased on home media, Space Monster Wangmagwi is still occasionally shown in its home country.


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