Space Goofs is an animated series that was first aired in 1997. It's about 5 (4 in the second season) extra-terrestrials, Stereo, Bud, Candy, Gorgeous and Etno living in a house that is for rent and trying to avoid contact with humans after they accidentally crash on earth.

Space Goofs - Opening Credits - Season 1 (HD)

Space Goofs - Opening Credits - Season 1 (HD)

The only found media of Space Goofs which is the intro used during the rest of the 1st season on 1999.

So, far the only lost media that was founded of this show was the intro from 1999 when Xilam purchased the show from Gaumont. It can be seen here:

As of now, the only things missing of the series is an unaired pilot produced before the show even aired, and 5 animation tests of the main characters (Including Stereo). In fact, it is unknown if Space Goofs had a pilot, but the only animation test founded was the Etno test (albiet in a still version seen on an season 2 episode of the show, making it rare to find the complete screen test.). The rest of the animation tests are completely lost.

List of Space Goofs lost Media

  • Space Goofs Intro (1999 version, FOUND!)
  • Etno test (partially found, still version found)
  • Candy test (lost)
  • Bud test (lost)
  • Stereo test (lost)
  • Gorgeous test (lost)
  • The 1996? pilot (lost)