Sonic Colors or Sonic Colours is a platform game developed by Sonic Team for the Wii. Tehe video below is from the e3 demo of Sonic Colours, there are some minor differences between this and the final.

-The music has much more bass than in the final. -The announcer shouted “POWER UP” whenever a wisp was collected. -The announcer shouts “SPIN” when the yellow wisp is used, while in the final he shouts “DRILL”. -Music doesn’t change when using the green wisp (the laser wisp). -Some of rings and wisp power-ups are in different locations than in the final. -The announcer’s “good, great, awesome, outstanding, amazing!” is different in this version. It was re-recorded for the fi

Sonic Colors Gameplay - Tropical Resort Wii03:56

Sonic Colors Gameplay - Tropical Resort Wii


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