Victor Salva

Mugshot of director and convicted sex offender Victor Salva.

Nowadays, Victor Salva is known as the director of horror movies such as Jeepers Creepers and Rosewood Lane. However, some are unaware of the fact that Salva is a convicted child molester. During the filming of his feature Clownhouse, he molested child star Nathan Forrest Winters, videotaped it, and was then reported by Winters and was arrested. He served 15 months before being released on parole.

Before all of the controversy, Salva was a virtually unknown filmmaker who had one film to his credit, Something in the Basement. The film (reportedly between 30-40 minutes long) concerns a young boy (played by Winters) waiting for his older brother to return home from war, only to discover a monster in his basement who claims his brother died. The short played at film festivals, where it was met with acclaim. Famous director Francis Ford Coppola saw it and decided to produce Salva's aforementioned Clownhouse. Since then, the film has more or less vanished, with very few mentions of it on the internet. It is likely that Winters (or his family) have kept it from circulating (as they did with the incredibly scarce 2003 DVD release of Clownhouse, of which only a few copies were ever made). Its whereabouts are currently unknown.

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