Crowz is the nickname given to a collection of un-produced and mostly unreleased songs performed by the band Slipknot. These tracks were given upon request to employees at RoadRunner Records before the band had been signed.
For the record; Crowz is actually collection that summarizes a set of 3 demo discs and a series of individual songs. The Crows "album" does not officially exist as a set list of tracks decided on by anyone in the band.

An actual finished demo disc was never completed and released to anyone, but the track list was to include Gently, Do Nothing, Slipknot, Tattered & Torn, Me Inside, Carve, Coleslaw, Scissors, Windows, and May 17th.

The "Crowz" Era Recordings

* indicates tracks that have been found. ** indicats only live versions.

3 Track Demo

The first of several submissions to RoadRunner, this disc only contains three tracks:

  • 01: Carve *
  • 02: Coleslaw*
  • 03: Me Inside *

The Gold Disc

"The Gold Disc", named by fans simply because of the color of the CD, is comprised of 11 demo tracks:

  • 01. SlipKnot/Gently
  • 02. Me Inside *
  • 03. Do Nothing/Bitchslap
  • 04. Coleslaw *
  • 05. Only One
  • 06. Prosthesis
  • 07. Carve *
  • 08. Tattered & Torn
  • 09. Windows **
  • 10. Interloper **
  • 11. Scissors

The Silver Disc

"The Silver Disc", also named by the fans, is another collection of songs submitted to RoadRunner Records. This time with a new vocalist.
Once Corey Taylor joined Slipknot, Anders Colsefni quickly parted ways with the band and the demo project as it existed at that point, was scrapped. Corey's vocals were recorded on top of the already existing backing tracks and the collection of songs was to be the starting point for a new demo album set for release in 1998.

  • 01: SlipKnot/Gently
  • 02: Me Inside *
  • 03: Coleslaw
  • 04: Windows
  • 05: Spit It Out
  • 06: Carve
  • 07: Only One *
  • 08: Scissors

Individual Tracks

  • Eeyore (Anders vocals)
  • Fur-Covered-In-Bood
  • Gently (Anders version 2)
  • Heartache And A Pair Of Scissors (Anders vocals) **
  • Heartache And A Pair Of Scissors (Corey vocals)
  • Lust Disease
  • May 17th **
  • Me Inside (Anders version 2)
  • Me Inside (Corey version 2)
  • Nature
  • Part Of Me
  • Prosthetics (Corey vocals) *
  • Rites And Rage
  • Scissors (Anders vocals)
  • Vizqueen
  • Wait And Bleed *
  • Wave Like The Pope
  • +2 Untitled Tracks

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