Sixteen Candles is the popular 1984 comedy written/directed by the late John Hughes.

Promotional poster for the movie.

The film stars Molly Ringwald as an awkward, down-on-her-luck teen on her 16th birthday, trying to win the heart of her senior crush. While this movie has a large fanbase, and is widely considered to be a classic, many fans are not aware that there is one or more deleted scene(s).

The scene takes place in the school cafeteria as Ringwald's character Samantha gets lunch with a friend. The two converse while taking their meager portions down the line. Samantha freaks out when she sees Jake Ryan (her crush, played by Michael Shoeffling), and shoves her tray into her friend's arms and runs away, exclaiming "I don't want him to know I eat!" before hiding in the ladies' restroom.

This clip was removed because John Hughes felt it was too silly and would not age well in the future, however, the scene was added in TV airings of the movie. This is the only deleted scene that has surfaced, although there are believed to be others. Neither this scene, nor any other removed scenes have been added to any cassette or DVD releases of the movie.